Unconventional Gifts for the Hardworking Woman (or man!)

I love giving gifts. I get giddy about finding just the right thing for my nearest and dearest. So giddy that we added a blog to the site just for me to write about gifts. Another candle is great, but here are a few out-of-the-box ideas for the lady in your life to help her breathe a little deeper in 2019.

Spotify Premium Subscription. We wear lots of hats. Music helps me transition – Music pumps me up for business events, soothes me after an anxious day, gets me moving at the gym and focused for detail work. I love that playlists are already made for any genre or mood. No work. (I also love my XM Radio Subscription. The 90s station alone is worth it.)

Bouqs Subscription. In all the hustle and bustle it is easy for me to get going so fast doing that I don’t savor a dang thing. Fresh flowers in my kitchen are my reminder to breathe deep and take in the beauty of this world, not just manage tasks. (Bouqs is great, but you can also hit up Trader Joe’s and stick them in a vase every month/week. The key is no effort on their part.)

Cozy slippers. (The options are endless, but I love these - Manitoba Moccasins or LLBean Slippers) This is a more traditional gift item, but the reasoning is a little different. It’s kind of a Mr. Rogers moment when I get home for the day – the change from the footwear I’ve been hustling in exchanged for my furry house shoes is a ritual that reminds me to be where I am now. A place to connect and relax and let the outside world melt away for a bit. No work.

Shipt subscription. I’m not sure this one needs explaining. Someone does the shopping and delivers it ONTO YOUR KITCHEN COUNTER. No work.

-          Related: Take over the chore your loved one hates the most for a year. This is free. I’m not saying I would choose this option, but maybe you are a better person than me.

Kiwi Crate Subscription. If your loved one is a momma and also does all the things, chances are she has a hard time “playing”. What is the goal? What are the rules? How do we know this was successful? Is the dinosaur supposed to beat Batman or the other way? For us mothers who are task-oriented but also yearn for connection with our littles – PROJECTS! Someone else puts these age-specific activities together for you and your kiddo to build together. Then they mail them to you and you get to soak up the joy of loving on your offspring with clear direction and goals. The angels are singing.

Datebox Subscription. Same reasons as above, but for grown ups. Did you know research shows couples that experience new things together regularly are much more happy in their relationship? Truth. Doesn’t sound like fun? Commit to planning and scheduling (babysitter included, if applicable) a monthly date night instead!

My favorite gift guides for everyone else on your list from the pros - ie. will not be their first rodeo/will be clip art-free :):

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Happy gifting (or forwarding this link for inspiration to your people). I’m not affiliated with any of these products, nor do any of these links get me anything in return. Just things I love that make my life more meaningful and manageable. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Amber Klunzinger